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Fresh is Better...

From the farms to the roastery to the customer

We see coffee farmers, roasters, and consumers as part of one large community.

The coffee supply chain can be long, with lots of times and places for something to go wrong that would diminish the quality of any coffee. We try to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.

Coffee grows most abundantly in countries near the equator, generally in these countries: Central/South America, Africa, and the Pacific. The coffee farms we work with can range from very small to very large, often influenced by the history of land ownership in the country of origin. We value smaller farms because they use family or community-based labor.

Traditionally, coffee cherries look like bright red berries when they’re picked. The seeds inside the cherry are what we actually brew, so the next step after picking them is to separate them from the cherry. 

The majority of the coffee we sell uses a washed process, which separates seeds (beans) from coffee cherries using water in a wet mill.

Once the coffee arrives at a US port by ship and it clears customs, it is transported to our roasting partners in Hollywood, Florida. Here, the coffee is then roasted based on the orders we receive. All Kaffa® coffee is roasted and bagged here in Florida and shipped when ordered.

Kaffa® coffee is to enjoy at home or at the office. Our roasted coffee can be bought online on Kaffa® website or through a large variety of partners who sell them: online marketplaces, local grocery stores, coffee shops, and pop-up stores.

The Best Coffee, The Best Experience

We emphasize high quality above all. Kaffa® beans are typically sourced from individual farms and are roasted adequately to bring out their distinctive flavors.

Coffee brands like Starbucks and Caribou Coffee revolutionized cafe culture in the United States in the late 1900s and introduced coffee lovers to a wider variety of coffee experiences. For example, Starbucks pioneered what was once considered “specialty coffee drinks” in the US by mixing espresso shots with sweet, flavorful syrups and other ingredients.

But consumers have evolved to become highly focused on coffee beans as small roasters and cafes experiment with lighter roast levels and bring new, exotic flavors out of well-grown coffees.

Kaffa® is mindful that coffee is more than bitterness and ashy flavors. As a specialty coffee brand, we value coffee for the beans themselves, not just the experience. We are driven by our flavorful light and medium roasts, our love for transparency when it comes to a bean’s origin farm, and our love of coffee that’s made by the cup.

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